March for the Alternative! Your Country Needs YOU!

After all my whinging and whining on Twitter it would appear the people have heard me. Protests in London have been scheduled for this Saturday 26th March 2011.

Why are people protesting?
David Cameron and his cronies are planning to make drastic cuts which could see us time travelling back to the 80’s Thatcher style. She took on the miners and destroyed them do you really want this for our globally worshipped health and social care industry? Thatcher took milk from schools, Cameron wants to make blood transfusion services private – do any of you donate blood so that some big cheese can fill his pockets? No. You donate to provide life to those who need it.
Cameron and his fellow MPs also believe cutting children and youth services will save millions… so when the kids are on the streets making a nuisance of themselves you’ll know who to blame.

Those of you who are carers to the disabled and mentally ill will have your payments scrutinised and cut. This coming from a man who had an ill child, he should know better than to hurt those who do the one job that many of us could not.
£20billion needs to be saved but should it come from the NHS? The government have already made extreme cuts to the MOD which with the threat of war on Libya imminent, it could cause more of our soldiers to fall at the frontline. They will claim the lives will be lost because of Libyan rebels but we know that it will be because we can’t afford to give them the protection they need and it won’t be Cameron knocking on the doors taking responsibility for the death of one of our own, no that will be left to the army officials.
Police and Emergency services have also been dealt an extreme blow with many forces making redundancies just as our streets are set to be filled with young people with nowhere to go and the stress of redundancy and lack of jobs hits the poor and middle classes.
You may think the protests won’t get us anywhere and that the government won’t listen and to be honest they might not but it is better to go down fighting then to bend over backwards and let it happen.

To find transport in your local area to the London protests or for more information visit False Economy / March for the Alternative.