Pompelmo are experts in incorporating multi Cryptocurrency solutions for your company to use to bring your business ahead of your competition.

Our multi-channel marketing system supports a relationship, data-driven and brand focused solution adapted according to your individual business and niche.

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One of the key challenges in any company is how to Acquire, Structure & Segment Data. Pompelmo have the tools & knowledge to maximise your results.

General Data Protection Regulation - Are you prepared for GDPR? Wondering what GDPR is?

It has recently been established that it could take more than 20 hours of training for you to acquire just a workable understanding of GDPR.

Furthermore, GDPR will require that many organisations appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

To put it into perspective, the 20 hours training on GDPR won’t even come close to equipping anyone for a DPO role.

Put simply, Pompelmo have the answer: We are able to fulfil the function of your in-house DPO. As an ongoing service, we will continually ensure your organisation is up-to-date and compliant within what is a hugely essential element of your business and currently a minefield for many companies.

We have fully trained and compliant DPO’s with comprehensive understanding of the European legal framework requirements, all ready to help your company produce a compliant data protection policy.

Data Acquisition

We will help you acquire Data (if required) that is very targeted to your market. Through innovative Data Sourcing, using the latest Data Mining Techniques, you can give your customers additional & often unique new information to work with.


Data needs to be coded & stored in a way that allows you to use it in multiple & different circumstances. Considering the need to personalise data, send communication through a variety of delivery methods, including email & SMS, getting the right level of detail is crucial.

We will help you to be able to send highly targeted communication at the touch of a button.


Everyone likes to feel that the communication sent to them by a company is tailored to their preferences. Having their name on a perfectly worded message makes all the difference. If you add a clear understanding of their precise career & location needs, it’s no surprise that both open & action rates are going to be significantly different to very general messages.



Our Marketing service offers just about everything you could possibly need to deliver results. With over 30 years of digital marketing experience, we offer a complete range of media. From SEO to social, from talent networks to content marketing. We handle email marketing, job marketing, web builds, branding and events, we manage analytics and will build or enhance CRM’s designed for engaging and nurturing leads which convert into business.

More and more companies are becoming digital now so it’s the perfect time to utilise your online presence. This needs to be done via every channel, mobile, social, referrals, SEO and more.

We believe it’s very simple. We work by the maxim that every successful company needs an efficient marketing function. One that in a competitive market succeeds at attracting and building relationships with the right talent. If you’re not doing that currently, you’re losing out to competitors that are. Pompelmo will successfully manage and deliver that function for you.

We help companies attract traffic to their website, through authentic brand strategies in order to increase sales.

By utilising our carefully developed marketing strategies, we continuously market your brand, content and message. We boost brand awareness, and we help to nurture leads which convert into customers.

We firmly believe that by implementing our proven marketing processes and technology, we attract you the right leads.



Cryptocurrencies have become a global phenomenon, with many large companies, banks and governments becoming acutely aware of its importance. As we write this, you will be hard pressed to find a major bank, large software company, or government that has not researched, written a paper or invested in cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is considered the “mainstay” of cryptocurrency with the numerous stories of billions being made dealing in Bitcoin. However, there are now many other types of cryptocurrencies available; from Ethereum to Zcash. The question is, which one is the one to watch?

Pompelmo have expertise in investing and mining cryptocurrency, we offer our clients the ability to incorporate cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin) into their companies safely. Adding cryptocurrency as a payment method adds another platform for potential customers to pay. Using cryptocurrencies, businesses reduce fraud and enhance privacy for both the company and the customer.

What we do:
Execution only
Reporting dashboard
Wallet management
Security of coin
ICO execution
Information news updates
Take your instruction
Organise mining contracts
Purchase mining hardware
Set up of mining machines
Mining pool set up

We Don't:
Offer investment advice
Decide your risk appetite
Do your research

Feel free to reach out and ask us anything you like about incorporating cryptocurrency into your brand and your payment schemes.



Implementing social media correctly will add many benefits to your online business. It’s not just about posting as much as you can, without a clear social media strategy; that’s not social media marketing. If done correctly, however, it will improve your website’s conversion rate, increase traffic and subsequently improve the number of clients and business you get.

Essential Communication

There are many things in business that have become essential. Social media marketing has gone from being a business option to becoming a business essential. Today, its where your ideal clients and customers find you; and your competition!

Your clients and customers are re-assured by the presence of regularly updated social media accounts; at the right ratios. Managing your social media profile correctly shows professionalism, it defines your approach to your brand and to your business. It clarifies that you are indeed open for business.

However, you need to invest time and effort into your social networks. The market moves quickly and to gain this media success you need to be socially active. But you need to achieve this whilst understanding the effect each platform has on the search engines, understand all about keyword density, plus you need the time to post maybe four or five times a day, across all platforms.

Social Media Control Panel

At Pompelmo we go further than any other company. Our dedicated team will give you a market leading, easy to use social media control panel. This will enable you to review the content we are producing and posting on your behalf. With this, you can schedule your own posts, and enhance our work even more. Our tool pre-prepares and ‘stacks’ the social media posts we have hand written, and we normally schedule up to seven days in advance, thus giving you plenty of time to review or edit the content. Your Social Media account manager will soon understand which posts you like most, and structure content around that. Rest assured we will be promoting your business many times, every single working day.



Updating or a totally new web strategy can be a daunting task, often taking critical staff members away from their day job. Allow Pompelmo to run the entire process for you, either utilising your existing supplier or maybe using Pompelmo's own team to bring you bang up to date.

We have one of the best integrated web development teams in the business. With years of experience in building, developing and managing some of the highest profile websites in the world, we like to think we know what we are talking about.

The most important thing, however, is not so much what we have done for other clients, but more about what and how we can help your business online.

We will design and build a website that looks great, and gives your customers the experience they want.

We'll optimise your site in order to help you get found in the search engines.

We will help you develop a robust and on-going marketing program for online, utilising social media, the data you already own, as well as the data you collect; in order to attract customers.

We continually work with market leading CRM systems and have huge experience integrating them into great looking, well built, robust and efficient websites. They not only break the mould in terms of design and innovation, but deliver to you, at the push of a button, the management information you need in order to maximise your business.



Major companies dominate the search engines, you are rightly compelled to shop with up to them. However, they are only a part of the whole picture. Your brand, your presence on-line, your site being found for the right keywords, is what will make the difference between a good campaign and a great one.

SEO for Companies

We have years of experience under our belts and we know that the market has changed and is constantly evolving, on-line, we also know that the major companies are not the only game in town!

Use Our Expert Team

Running an effective SEO program, requires a lot of moving parts, on and off page. Some are social signals, some content, others technical optimisation, and so on. SEO is constantly evolving and if you are working alone, endeavouring to do your own search engine marketing, trying to manage all those constantly changing independent parts, it becomes timely and costly. You don’t need to do that, because working with our expert SEO team, you will have all of that; we manage all the moving parts.

Tailored Campaigns

We provide bespoke solutions for our clients, delivering the results that you want, in other words –customers and conversions.

If your website isn’t on page one of Google, you know you are losing money to your competitors who rank above you. You should be on page one for your business, your products and services.



Our Free audit and analysis is a key part of the way we work with our clients. It has been designed to help us both understand and review your business, customers and infrastructure from a range of perspectives. It will require you to answer some details questions about your processes, your customers, your competitors and your capabilities.

Performing a structured audit of your sales, marketing and operations activities is often not the first thing on our clients’ to-do list. However, the value that is delivered by undertaking a full audit is often overlooked. From internal reviews through to looking and assessing the performance of external suppliers to consistently meet agreed requirements, undertaking an effective audit program will provide the information needed to maintain maximum company performance and output.

We will review:

  • Marketing and sales teams and activity. Reviewing skillsets, processes.
  • Evaluate marketing tactics reviewing website, CRM system, customer attraction, client proposals, and all online touchpoints including social media.
  • Review brand appearance, message and positioning for content, distinction, and consistency.
  • Evaluate marketing strategy, plans and budget for marketing gaps and inefficiencies.
  • Comprehensive review of business environment and competitive marketplace reviewing relationships with third parties including job boards, on-line portals, aggregators, reviewing opportunities, positioning and messaging overlaps.
  • Primary research is also conducted to further identify strengths and opportunities for growth, as well as areas needing improvement.


We conduct interviews with senior management, team members, and clients to uncover issues around branding, positioning, and messaging, as well as service opportunities.

We have consistently shown that an effective audit is essential to the development of an effective marketing strategy and approach.



Whether you require a bespoke CRM or CMS system, developed specifically for you, or if you need to identify the most innovative off the shelf systems, we have over 30 years’ experience for you to utilise. From identification & negotiation, through to holding your hand whilst your new system is implemented.

Pompelmo have helped to make our clients some of the most profitable and efficient companies in the market.

Essential to achieving this success is integrating and utilising a customer relationship management, or content management system, which can take your customer data and turn it into useful, actionable insights that can transform your business.

In fact, having a robust, efficient and effective CRM system is the bedrock of your business. It can help your business grow and succeed.

Additionally, it is ‘business critical’ that you ensure the vast quantities of data which your company, its people and clients create, is managed properly.

Your communications and interactions with customers hardly ever happen in a single location, and therefore you need to be able to manage that relationship at various ‘touch-points’. For example, you need to be able to integrate with email, LinkedIn or other platforms, and with the work we do, integrating and developing on top of existing CRM systems, we are regularly improving and enhancing methodologies which streamline our clients’ businesses, saving them time, money and increasing efficiency.


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